The impact of diversity on business in UAE

Diversity is the art of thinking independently together……………………….Malcolm Forbes

Diversity contributes in many ways. It does not only provides a pool of different opinions, ethnicity, and a whole new demographic but also opens the door to innovation and success.

UAE has become number one when it comes to industrial development in sectors like health, infrastructure, innovation, education and tourism. And one of the reasons for much of the success is  its amazing diversity. The country invites people from different cultural background to work together and flourish together. The great differences among the multitude of residents and their cultural backgrounds, ideas and thought process have resulted in catapulting the UAE to it place of pride.

Home to millions of expats, the UAE is a fair and free society where everyone is equal, and everyone gets an equal opportunity in the workplace, irrespective of the ethnic background and origins. The nation wholeheartedly welcomes expatriates who in turn take pleasure in bringing their diverse talents and capability to an environment that thrives on differences. Countries like India, Pakistan, the Philippines, UK, Europe,  US and all the countries of the Middle East as well as Africa make up a diversified workforce that exists in harmony and works sincerely towards the success of  businesses employing them.

Diversity also lies in the demographics of the tourists and visitors who flock to the UAE from all around the world. Every nationality feels at home and can find a piece of their own country somewhere in the UAE society. They can also discover many other cultures from all over the world within the country.

The impact of diversity has been positive all along and from the beginning of this millennium. The country has taken many initiatives to attract diversified businesses and business people from all corners of the globe. As a result, goods and services from all parts of the world have been brought in, set up and re-exported.

As we all know, Diversity has different aspects. At the surface level, it only distinguishes people based on their caste, creed, religion, gender and nationality, whereas at a deeper level, diversity has more to do with thoughts, attitudes, personalities and ideas of different people and how they react differently when put in different situations. This type of diversity brings more variety in the workplace. And those who manage businesses must play a vital role in bringing in inclusion.  Diversity is meaningless without inclusion. And with inclusion comes creativity and new ideas, all leading to profitability.

A large part of country’s GDP comes from the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) that have set up their operations in the UAE as it has become the headquarter of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.  MNCs add to the diversity embraced by the region as they bring a piece of the culture of their headquarters into the UAE. So the top companies from Europe, US, Asia and Australia focus on the region from their regional head office in the UAE.

Diversity is much talked about in many countries of the world but is showcased wonderfully in the many aspects of life and business in the UAE.

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